High-Dielectric Substrates

PHOTO: High-Dielectric Substrates

Kyocera's high-dielectric constant ceramic substrates contribute to the downsizing of resonators.

Our high-dielectric ceramic substrates, with superior thermal properties, are used in filters, isolators and monolithic ICs (MICs), contributing to the downsizing of microcircuits.


  • Stable Temperature Coefficient(Tf)
We support custom products from prototypes to mass-production runs. Please contact us to explore options, even if your specifications are different from those shown on our Web site.
  • Product specs

Product specs

Material High-Dielectric Ceramics
Shape Snap lines and through-holes available.
Precision Without grinding
 Outer diameter
  Up to 25.4: ±0.5
  25.4-50.8: ±1

With grinding
 Outer Diameter: ±0.1
 Thickness: ±0.05
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