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TOROKERU Sealing Sheets(Under Development)


Have you experienced trouble when using liquid resin?


Main features of TOROKERU sealing sheets


Easy to handle
Shorten manufacturing process time due to seal's ease of handling.
Low-temperature curing system
Can be used in devices without heat resistance (curing condition: 100°C for 1 hour).
Optimum viscosity for sealing
Never overflows to unintended areas.
Can seal any shape
Capable of heat-only sealing; can seal circuit boards and parts of any shape.
Heat-resistant and reliable resin
High-quality thermo-setting resin with excellent durability, heat resistance and flame resistance (UL94 V-0 equivalent).
Superior stability in storage
One month durability at room temperature (22°C); quality assurance for 6 months when stored below 5°C.
Environmentally-friendly material
No emissions, halogen-free, non-solvent material; avoids waste materials such as runner waste.

Product lineup

TOROKERU Sealing Sheets

基板上硬化 TMS-701-GP

A thermo-setting resin sheet developed to fix, protect, and reinforce mounted devices and circuits, as well as prevent duplication.

TMS-701 (Basic)
●Color: black
●Thickness: 0.15 - 1.5 mm

TOROKERU Sealing Sheets Reinforced by Base Materials

Film-based sheet for low-profile sealing and lid-structure forming

One of the grades has film on the top side. It is capable of curing without resin deformation caused by surface tension and there is an uniform appearance after curing.



●Black (basic)
●Black PET film-based
●Film thickness: 0.025/0.125mm
●Resin sheet thickness: 0.15 - 1.5mm

Fiberglass paper-based sheet for solid-shaped adherence

Improved handling performance, shape stability and insulating performance by laminating glass paper to resin sheet. Melted resin impregnates onto glass paper during heating, sealed area keeps its shape.

Model case


●Black (basic)
●Thickness: 0.15~1.5mm

Examination case and adoption case

Airtight seal
◆Airtight seal for terminal and wiring of electro-devices
Protection / reinforcing /

blinding of surface-mounted devices
◆Protects modules from analysis and duplication
◆Reinforcing / vibration-resistant / pressure-resistant /
drop impact-resistant in surface-mounted devices


Product delivery formation

TOROKERU sealing sheets are processed to customer-specified shapes.
We are able to do post-process suitable for use in automated supply systems or continuous supply systems, such as reel or tape formation.


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