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Ag Sintering Paste for Electrodes

Features and Applications of Ag Sintering Paste for Electrodes

Our Ag sintering paste for electrodes achieves lower electrical resistance, lower ESR, and lower contact resistance in the product by utilizing sintering of nano-silver powder. It also adheres to non-metallic surfaces due to its resin composition.

Application image

Application Example: Metal-Based Power Inductor

Comparison of features with other materials

Type of paste KYOCERA
Ag sintering
Pure sintering KYOCERA
Ag paste
Pb free

Nano Ag powder

Nano Ag powder

Micro Ag powder

Composite metal

Adhesion to Metal ++ ++ + ++
++ - ++ -
Electrical conductivity ++ ++ + ++

Coating method

・Available lineup for dip coating and screen printing
・Customizable viscosity characteristics for required workability

Interface Reliability Test (Trend of inductor resistance change)

・Lower electrical resistance than epoxy silver paste
・Low electrical resistance even after reliability test

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