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TOROKERU Bonding Sheets(Under Development)


Typical problems when using liquid adhesives




Easy to handle
Process period is shortened due to ease of handling in "dry system."
Low-temperature cure
Possible to use with parts that have low heat tolerance because the sheet cures for 60 minutes at 100°C.
No application of pressure needed in bonding
Possible for parts and material to bond of its own weight.
Maintenance of thickness
Possible to maintain the definite thickness of the bonding layer and the bonding area.
Optimal viscosity
Easy to evenly align the adherend.
Reliable Thermostability
It is an excellent thermosetting resin with remarkable durability and thermostability.
Excellent preservation stability
Possible to use the sheet stored at room temperature (22°C) for up to a month.
Ecological sensitivity
It is a halogen-free sheeted adhesive with no solvents and does not generate gases.
It does not produce waste separator with mold release agent because it forms into the shape desired.


TOROKERU Bonding Sheets

TBS-702-An adhesive which can be used at low temperature and at low pressure.
(Thin and low-viscosity type of TOROKERU Sealing Sheet.)

●Blue (Standard)
●Thickness 20-150μm

TOROKERU Bonding Sheets (including base material)

Fiberglass paper ― maintains bonding area and clearance

TBS-702-GP絵Retention of shape, handling and insulation is improved by impregnating the fiberglass paper with the resin.

Model case


●Blue (standard)
●Fiberglass paper
●Thickness 150μm

Recommended use

Fabrication of electronic components
Interlayer adhesion of laminated devices

On delivery

It is formed into a given shape such as sheet wound on a reel.
Can be formed into suitable shape corresponding to the automated and uninterrupted supply.

●Unplug Processing / Seal Processing●Reel Processing
納入携帯 抜き加工 納入形態リール

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