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Silver sintering paste

Die attach adhesive designed for devices requiring high thermal and electrical conductivity


Strong adhesion by sintered metal approach

・High thermal conductivity(200W/mK)

・Outstanding interface reliability due to resin dispersion system

・Operating temperature above 200deg.C is routinely available

Strong adhesion by sitered metal approach


・Pressureless sintering capability

(Compatible with current DA equipment)

・Dispensable(Equivalent to traditional polymer DA)

・Long work life

・Easy BLT control by original formulation



・ Alternative for high Pb solder

・ IGBT modules with HEV

・ RF power device

・ High performance LED

・ Next generation power device(SiC, GaN)

Clustered Ag structure with intermetalic bond

High thermal conductivity

High thermal conductivity >200W

Novel resin dispersion system



  Low elastic modulus(22GPa)

Interface reliability

Thermal resistance CT2700R7S

Test Method

PKG QFP208, Die(BM:Au) 6.0X6.0x0.4mm, LF Ag/Cu

Pre-con. MSL1/260deg.Cx10sx3

TCT -55deg.C/150deg.C

Die share CT2700R7S

Test Method

Die(BM:Au) 4.0x4.0x0.3mm, LF PPF

Measure temperature 260deg.C

General Properties (Typical value)

Item Unit Test condition CT2700R7S
Viscosity@25deg.C Pa*s 0.5min.-1 100
Thixsotropic Index - 0.5min.-1/5min.-1 7
Specific gravity g/cm3 - 5.5
Nonvolatile component wt% 120min.@180deg.C 90.8
Ag content after cure wt% 180min.@300deg.C 99.4
Specific gravity after cure g/cm3 - 10
Storage condition - - From -15 to -40deg.C in the freezer
Cure condition(Box oven) - Under Air 90min.@200deg.C
- Under inert gas


Open time hrs - >12
Thermal conductivity W/m*K Laser flash method 200
Chip size window mm - 0.3x0.3- 12x12
Elastic modulus@25deg.C Gpa DMA 21.6
Adhesive strength@260deg.CAg plated Cu/4x4mm Au Die MPa Air cure >30
MPa Inert gas cure 28

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