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KYOCERA Corporation to Sponsor DS PENSKE at Tokyo's First Formula E Race in March 2024

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KYOCERA Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan; hereafter: Kyocera) will sponsor DS PENSKE, a team competing in the inaugural ABB FIA Formula E World Championship Tokyo E-Prix on Saturday, March 30, 2024.

DS PENSKE racing car with Kyocera logo

(Image rendering for illustration purposes)

'Formula E' is the world's first all-electric vehicle (EV) racing series, which started in 2014 to accelerate human progress toward sustainability. In recent years, it has attracted attention as the only sport in the world to receive official Net Zero Carbon certification. DS PENSKE is a partnership between PENSKE AUTOSPORT and DS Automobiles. PENSKE AUTOSPORT is one of the founding teams of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship and has long embraced the shift toward electric vehicles and sustainability.

The Kyocera Group has focused our corporate activities on three pillars of "Living Together": Living together in harmony with society, living together in harmony with the world, and living together in harmony with nature. Kyocera is actively involved in environmental management to achieve the long-term sustainability target of carbon neutrality by the fiscal year 2050.

In addition to supplying various components for EVs, Kyocera is also focusing on developing new automotive-related technologies to support the forthcoming automated driving revolution, such as automotive camera modules that use AI object recognition, haptic feedback displays, and smart vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies. Through these technologies, we aim to provide safer and more comfortable transportation.

Through our sponsorship with DS PENSKE and Formula E, Kyocera is committed to realizing an environmentally friendly society and promoting sustainable innovation through advanced technology.


PENSKE AUTOSPORT is an American racing team founded in 2007 by Jay Penske. The team is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the largest single metropolitan EV market in the world.

After many successful years competing in IndyCar (2007-2014), the team embraced the shift to electric mobility and became one of the founding teams of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. The team motto is the Latin phrase "E Pluribus Unum" - meaning "out of many, there is one."

About DS Automobiles

Driven by the spirit of the avant-garde and backed by an exceptional heritage, the DS brand, born in 2014, aims to embody the French art of travel.

Based on numerous records since its entry into Formula E in 2015, including double Teams' and Drivers' titles, DS Automobiles is at the forefront of electrification by already selling each of its models with an electrified version. From 2024, every new model launched by DS Automobiles will be 100% electric.

With a presence in 40 countries, the DS brand has created and is developing an exclusive distribution network throughout the world.

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