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Kyocera's History in Solar Energy

Kyocera achieves world's highest solar cell conversion efficiency
World' highest conversion efficiency Kyocera's 10×10cm multicrystalline solar cells achieve 15.1% energy conversion efficiency, setting a world record for cells of this type. In 1989, Kyocera’s 15×15cm cells push the record for that size class to 14.5%, and then to 17.7% in 2004.
Japan's first grid-connected solar electric system
Japan's first gridconnected system in Kitami, Hokkaido Kyocera installs Japan's first grid-interfacing solar system for a general facility conforming to official guidelines in Kitami, Hokkaido Prefecture. In the same year, Kyocera completes a solar module production system with an annual capacity of 6 megawatts, the largest in Japan at the time.

Portable Solar Power Generation Systems in Mongolia As a result of a research project commissioned by NEDO, shipments of portable solar power generating systems to Mongolia begin.
Residential solar power generation systems released in Japan
Residential Solar Power System Kyocera begins marketing residential solar power systems in 1993. Starting in 1994, the Japanese government launches a subsidy program promoting the use of these systems.

Kyocera’s “Son of Sun” solar-powered racing vehicle is developed and finishes third in the World Solar Challenge
1989 Kyocera develops "SEV" solar powered racing car.
1990 Develops short-distance solar powered car "SCV-O" (a model car was manufactured in 1995).
1990 "Blue Eagle" solar powered racing car is produced for the 1990 World Solar Challenge, a trans-continental race across Australia.
1993 "Son of Sun" solar powered racing car places third in 1993 World Solar Challenge.
Produced racing solar car "SON OF SUN" Developed short-distance solar car "SCV-O"

1988 Achieved world's highest conversion efficiency of 15.5% with multicrystalline silicon solar cells (10×10cm).
1990 Achieved a top share in Japan's Ministry of Industry and International Trade special public use solar generation system program.
1993 Achieved world's highest conversion efficiency of 19.5% with monocrystalline silicon solar module components (10×10cm).
1994 Top market shareholder in the Japan solar industry according to the Ministry of Industry and International Trade (MITI) residential solar generation system monitor program.
1995 Established mass-production technology of enlarged multicrystalline silicon solar cells components (10×10cm to 15×15cm).

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Products > Solar Energy > Our Solar Power Spirit > History > 1987-1995