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Sustainability Initiatives

Contributing to a Carbon-Neutral Society by Improving Productivity and Creating Added Value
The world is facing many difficult environmental and economic problems. We believe that it is essential for a company to link its business with solutions to socially conscious innovation and to contribute to society if it wishes to achieve sustainable growth. Kyocera Group is committed to sustainable business operations and providing value that leads to positive societal changes in order to ensure the long-term growth of both society and Kyocera Group.

Kyocera's Sustainability

Resolving Pressing Issues Facing Society Through Our Business Activities

The management philosophy of the Kyocera Group is  "to pursue the physical and mental well-being of all employees while contributing to the progress and advancement of humankind and society". We believe that helping achieve internationally established sustainable development goals is the fulfillment of our management philosophy, and it is our mission to contribute to the resolution of critical issues facing society through our corporate activities.
Kyocera Group recognizes climate change countermeasures as an important issue, and is actively implementing energy-saving measures and the introduction of renewable energy at each site. As a result of our activities to date, in fiscal 2020 we reduced greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 14.9% compared to fiscal 2019. We will continue to work on various measures to prevent global warming, including energy conservation.
Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1+2)

Sustainability in the Corporate Industrial Tools Group

We aim to contribute to improving the global environment through our global value chain and supporting our customers’ efforts toward carbon neutrality in their cutting process. We strive to minimize our CO2 emissions throughout the machining value chain, from product development, procurement, distribution, sales, machining, resource recovery and reuse, and disposal.

Kyocera Aims to Guide the Future of  Manufacturing

High Efficiency Machining =  Energy Conservation
  • High-efficiency machining = Energy conservation with a wide range of machines
  • High-quality machining by our new products
  • Providing JTA-approved environmentally conscious products
Utilization of digital transformation technologies 
-Going from a world determined after machining 
to a world where we can envision before machining takes place
  • Dynamic tool proposal using 3D-CAM
  • Reducing cutting time and stable machining by optimizing machining conditions
  • Tool shape optimization by analysis technology
Pursuing higher efficiency machining
with new solutions
  • Drastic improvement in productivity through development of high value-added tools
  • Active efforts to build new development methods
  • Complete tooling for next-generation components   and environmentally friendly industrial components

Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

Improving manufacturing processes that emit a lot of CO2 at processing sites and realizing highly efficient machining will lead to energy and resource conservation.
Working together with our customers to enhance our technological capabilities, improve productivity and create added value is part of our efforts to become carbon neutral.
Five key points for carbon neutrality in cutting tools