Cutting Tools

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Business Policy

Technology Leading to a Brighter Future
Kyocera aims to "Guide The Future of Manufacturing" and create dramatic improvements in productivity. From a world determined after machining to a world we can see before machining takes place—
A Comprehensive Tool Manufacturer
37 countries
Expanded to 306 locations
(as of July 2022)
Advancing your productivity through efficient cutting tool products and advanced tooling solutionsー We not only develop innovative materials and tool shapes, but also support our customers in acquiring core technologies by proposing solutions based on analysis and verification.
Pneumatic and electric tools useful in various fields. Kyocera has developed a wide range of products, from home use for DIY and gardening to products that meet the needs of professionals in many industries. Bringing together the know-how we have cultivated so far and the technology of the entire Kyocera Group, we consistently strive for excellence in everything from development, manufacturing, sales, and service. We support manufacturing around the world by providing products that make your work and job more comfortable.

Basic Management Policy

Kyocera's industrial tool business is not limited to cutting tools, but also includes pneumatic tools and electric tools. As a comprehensive tool manufacturer, we offer a wide range of businesses. We are creating a brighter future through our product lineup, solution technologies, and meticulous support services.
User-oriented management, aiming to become a valuable general tool manufacturer, globalization