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Pneumatic and Power Tool Business

Kyocera's Pneumatic and Power Tools Support Manufacturing Around the World
Pneumatic and electric tools are now used in various worksites. In order to provide products that meet a wide range of needs, from the general public for DIY and gardening work to professionals in various industries, we bring together the know-how and technology we have cultivated over the years across the Kyocera Group. From development to manufacturing, sales, and service, we consistently provide products that make various tasks safe and comfortable, and support manufacturing around the world.
  • Suitable for Various Worksites
    Products for Wood Construction

    Suitable for tucker, nailing, screwing, cutting, planning, polishing, and all kinds of woodworking construction jobs. Power tools developed with proprietary technology help make worksites more comfortable.
  • Products for Concrete Construction Sites 
    Improving Productivity

    We develop products for various construction sites and work closely with dealers and customers to offer expert advice on the optimal use and maintenance of individual products.
  • Supporting Tough Worksites
    Products for Metal Processing

    A power tool that is the result of advanced processing technology and a bold challenge to motor technology. Pursuing functionality and ease of use, we create products that are chosen by industry professionals.
  • Safe to Use Even Under Heavy Loads
    Products for the Automotive Industry

    Improving productivity with extremely fine polishing, excellent performance and operability. We are active as a reliable partner for professional work.
  • Focused on Ease-of-Use
    Cleaning Products

    We offer a wide range of products, including high-pressure washers, blower vacuums, and handy cleaners.
    Light and compact products that make work easier, and a variety of power tools that are safe and easy to use, have earned the trust of users.
  • DIY and Gardening
    Products for Daily Life

    Even in daily life, such as DIY and gardening, we support users with products that emphasize quality and usability. Based on our basic policy of "continuing to provide true comfort to our customers," we are leading the evolution of power tools with our advanced technology and product development capabilities.

Development, Manufacturing, Sales
Providing Customers
 with Consistently High-Quality After- Sales Service

As the Kyocera Group, we consistently handle development, manufacturing, sales, and service. By building an integrated system, we can quickly deliver safe and attractive products to our customers by promptly transmitting information, ensuring stable product supply, thorough quality control, and incorporating customer feedback into our products.
Product development Manufacturing Sales After-sales service

Supporting "Made by Customers" 
Around the World

We deliver on a "Made by Customers" commitment with pneumatic tools, electric tools, various consumables, and services produced in Asia, North America, and Europe and supplied all around the world.

(Subsidiary of KYOCERA UNIMERCO A/S)

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Kyocera Unimerco Fastening is the fastening division of Kyocera Unimerco, Inc., which conducts fastening business mainly in the Nordic region. We develop a wide range of fastening products under the brand Tjep.
Established 1964
Head Office Location Danish suns
Main Business Sales of fastening products (tools, consumables)

KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools Inc.

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KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools carries the well-known SENCO brand in the pneumatic tools and fastening industry. Our mission is to be the go-to provider of high-quality fastening solutions that improve productivity and make your job safer and easier.
Established 1948
Head Office Location Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Main Business Development, manufacture and sale of fastening products (tools, consumables)

Kyocera Industrial Tools Corporation

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Kyocera Industrial Tools Co., Ltd. is expanding globally with a wide range of lineups, from power tools for professionals to DIY, gardening, and cleaning equipment. We are providing customers with even more comfort by developing cordless tools that use lithium-ion batteries.
Established 1968
Head Office Location Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Main Business Development, manufacture and sale of power tools

KYOCERA Industrial Tools, Inc. (operating company SouthernCarlson, Inc.)

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SouthernCarlson is a distributor of construction fasteners, various tools, and packaging products with approximately 150 bases, mainly in North America, providing a wide range of services.
Established 1947
Head Office Location Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Main Business Sales of fastening products (tools, consumables), sales of packaging-related products, various tools, construction materials, etc.