Optical Components (Lenses and Optical Units)


On October 1 2018 Kyocera Corporation announced the merger with Kyocera Optec Corporation, previously a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kyocera Group. Kyocera Optec will continue to operate as the Optical Components Division of Kyocera Corporation.
On this page we will introduce the corporate business development history of Kyocera Optec Corporation up until the time of the merger.

1949 Incorporated as Tomioka Optical Co., Ltd in Ome City, Tokyo, Japan
1960 Commenced production of SLR camera lenses & copier lenses
1968 Corporate capital source changed from Japan Film Machines Co., Ltd to Yashica
1969 Company renamed Tomioka Optical Co., Ltd.
1974 Started technical alliance with Carl Zeiss Foundation and commenced consigned mass production
1983 Became a member of the Kyocera Group with merger of Kyocera & Yashica
1986 Commenced series production of laser printer lenses
1990 Commenced production of video microscope lenses (machine vision lenses)
1991 Company renamed Kyocera Optec Co., Ltd.
1992 Established Kansai Sales Office (Osaka, Japan)
1996 Commenced manufacturing of aspherical lenses
1996 Established Tokyo Sales Office (Tokyo, Japan)
1997 Developed "high-durability lens unit" (zoom endurance exceeding 10 million times)
1999 Established North America Sales Office (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)
2000 Commenced series production of projection lenses
2000 Developed IR lenses
2001 Started operation of Chigase Plant (Japan) & Shilong Plant (China)
2003 Established mass-production technology for aspherical lenses
2009 Established depth-expanding optical technology (co-developed with Kyocera Corporation)
2015 Acquired ISO/TS16949 (Automotive) and ISO13485 (Medical Devices)
2016 Merged Melles Griot KK (Now: Saitama Tokigawa Office)
2018 KYOCERA OPTEC Co., Ltd. was merged with KYOCERA Corporation and renamed as Optical Components Division