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The Advancement of Technology

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As technology has consistently advanced, so has our society.

Since its founding in 1959, Kyocera has developed its fine ceramic technology to accommodate many different businesses. From materials to components and services to networks, Kyocera's ceramics offer a wide range of applications for various industries.

One such area where Kyocera's technology shines is in telecommunications. From our own rugged phones to manufacturing the electrical components that help make phones smarter and smaller, Kyocera is at the forefront of mobile communications technology.

Smartphones are now a prominent device in our daily lives, thanks to the engineers working tirelessly to develop new technologies. Early cell phones could only make and receive voice calls; however, they now bring forth the latest developments in software and hardware. Compared to the 1990s, mobile phones gradually became lighter and faster and can now access the internet.

Thus, thanks to engineers, technology and society have continued to progress side-by-side with the evolution of the phone. Our lives are now impacted significantly due to the simultaneous advancement of phones in modern society.

As more technologies continue to evolve, allowing for the future to take shape, engineers help society move forward through progress. And, thanks to those engineers, as we continue to make consistent technological progress, there will always be a way to advance society together.