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Wrestle in the Center of the Ring

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It's almost human nature to procrastinate and leave important things to the last minute. When we were younger, we all had the experience of putting off studying for an exam until the last day, only to complain that there wasn't enough time to study when test scores came in lower than expected.

In today's world, surrounded by distractions, it is becoming easier than ever to sidetrack ourselves from what's truly important. Unfortunately, while putting off studying until the last day might have meant a lower grade in school, procrastination in business can threaten a company's survival.

The best way to prevent this at work is to "wrestle in the center of the ring." This term originally referred to a sumo wrestler who leads with explosive moves at the very start of a match -- that is, while still in the center of the ring -- instead of waiting to be pushed to the edge by an opponent. Adopting this strategy in business simply means working as hard during good times as you would when backed up against the ropes. Most people can summon extra power when faced with a crisis; but, seizing opportunities aggressively before a crisis begins can often prevent a crisis from occurring.

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