Collaboration with Osteon Digital Japan Co., Ltd.

Expanding the Dental Implant Business and Promoting Digitization

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Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto, hereinafter "Kyocera") announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Osteon Digital Japan Co., Ltd. (CEO: Michael Tuckman, hereinafter Osteon), the Japanese branch of Implant Solutions PTY, LTD (Head office: Victoria, Australia, CEO: Michael Tuckman, hereinafter Implant Solutions) for continuous sales transactions, and will begin sales of customized dental prostheses for implants utilizing Implant Solutions' digital technology starting in September this year.


Kyocera developed Japan's first dental implant in 1978 and has since expanded its business into implant systems. FINESIA ® *1, which was developed based on joint industry-university research into functional stability in the oral cavity of patients over the long term, is utilized widely, mainly in Japan. On the other hand, Implant Solutions and Osteon have high-precision CAD/CAM implant prosthesis processing technology and digital solutions to provide customized dental implant prostheses overseas.
This collaboration will enable dental implant technology to meet the advanced needs of dentists (digital device support *2/long span cases *3), which dental laboratories in Japan have been unable to meet.

Kyocera will expand its business by providing dental prostheses appropriate to patients using Osteon's digital technology and dental implant solutions in response to accelerating digitalization.

In the future, Kyocera will continue to develop new medical related technologies and products that meet the market's needs and contribute to maintaining patients' health and realizing a higher quality of life.

■Comments from Implant Solutions and Osteon
< Michael Tuckman, CEO of Osteon and Implant Solutions >

"Our company's strategic collaboration with Kyocera has enabled us to bring advanced digital solutions to the superior dental implant market in Japan. We look forward to delivering our products and solutions from our manufacturing facility in Osaka to dentists and dental technicians in Japan. "
< Yusuke Yamashiro, General Manager of Osteon >
"We are pleased to supply our company's products and solutions that are popular overseas. We will do our best to promote continuous business development over the long term."

■About Implant Solutions


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Company name Implant Solutions PTY, LTD
Location Victoria, Australia
Established 2007
Representative CEO: Michael Tuckman
Business overview Manufacture and sales of dental implant prosthetic products and solutions using high-precision CAD/CAM

■About Osteon Digital Japan

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Company name Osteon Digital Japan
Location Osaka, Japan
Established 2020
Representative CEO: Michael Tuckman
Business overview Manufacture and sales of dental implant prosthetic products and solutions using high-precision CAD/CAM in Japan
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*1. An implant system with a unique thread design (shape of the implant surface) to improve bone quality.
*2. It refers to high-precision workpieces using digital data such as mouth scanners instead of workpieces using models made of conventional impression materials (materials for making molds in the mouth).
*3. A case of connecting teeth (bridges) produced in multiple tooth defects that are prone to distortion.
* "FINESIA" is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.

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