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Creating the future: Kyocera's patents for 6G

Kyocera has been developing and introducing CDMA mobile communication terminals, PHS systems, iBurst systems, WiMAX equipment, and LTE mobile communication terminals since its entry into the communication equipment business in 1979. In addition, Kyocera has been promoting research and development of fundamental technologies such as adaptive array antennas (beamforming) and communication protocols.

In the recently announced medium-term management plan (Page 35 in the link below), Kyocera has announced its policy to concentrate development resources on infrastructure-related businesses for further dissemination of millimeter wave 5G communication, which is expected to be socially implemented in Japan in the future. Leveraging the knowledge and technological capabilities gained through decades of product development, Kyocera will continue to advance research and development of communication infrastructure equipment and its fundamental technologies.

6G cannot be discussed without considering the existence of standard-essential patents (SEPs)

Kyocera is engaged in developing a patent portfolio for 6G technology. In addition to product development, Kyocera has been actively involved in standardization activities within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and holds numerous SEPs for 4G and 5G. Going forward, Kyocera will actively participate in standardization activities within 3GPP while concurrently developing infrastructure-related businesses to promote strategic intellectual property and standardization activities for 6G.

As a key player in Japan for 4G-SEP and 5G-SEP, Kyocera will actively focus on and contribute to important technologies that constitute 6G and will contribute to "Realization of Game Change" in the government's intellectual property and standardization strategy for 6G, next-generation communication.
Through infrastructure-related businesses and 6G-SEP, Kyocera will create the future of communication.

We would like to introduce a new patent that we obtained this time through strategic intellectual property activities for 6G mentioned above,.

Japanese Patent No. 7314439 (Espacenet)


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