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Kyocera's Metal Biotechnology Recycles Rare Metals through the Utilization of Biotechnology

As exemplified by the concepts of carbon neutrality, Green Transformation (GX), and SDGs, companies today are required to conduct business activities that contribute to the achievement of a recycling-oriented society with reduced environmental impact.

Recycling rare metals

In manufacturing, products are often produced while using what is called rare metals, which are metals that are scarce and difficult to mine. When using these rare metals, it is important not only to reduce the environmental impact caused by mining and refining, but also to establish a stable supply chain for the rare metals. Kyocera has biotechnology-based recycling technology that can solve such difficult issues.

High-value-added biotechnology

Kyocera manufactures and distributes cutting tools which use tungsten, a rare metal. In response to the difficult issues mentioned previously, Kyocera has worked on the development of tungsten recycling technology for more than 10 years, and successfully developed recycling technology using value-added biotechnology.

In advancing these developments, Kyocera has also been actively engaged in intellectual property activities and filed many patent applications. The patent introduced in this article (Japanese Patent No.6121847) is one of them, and it relates to tungsten recycling using E. coli in biomaterials.

Promoting collaboration

Kyocera's biotechnology-based recycling technology has many environmental benefits, including a short process, chemical and energy saving. Kyocera is committed to passing down the beautiful Earth to the next generation through sustainable manufacturing and services.

Kyocera hopes to promote recycling technology that utilizes biotechnology by promoting collaboration with other companies and institutions, including licensing patents we own. Please contact us if you would like to consider doing business using Kyocera's recycling technology.

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[See below for an example of Kyocera’s patents.]

Japanese Patent No.6121847 (Google Patent)

*This page is based on information available at the time of publication, and the status of patent rights and other industrial property rights may not be current.


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