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  Occupational Health and Safety Policy
In carrying out its business activities, the Kyocera Group actively promotes measures related to environmental safety based on our management rationale and makes continuous improvement of environmental safety performance through operation of the management system.
· Kyocera will comply with laws, agreements, and internal standards regarding the environment and work safety.
· Kyocera will support corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and communicate with various stakeholders.
· Kyocera aims to build a corporate culture that creates an accident-free and disaster-free workplace environment where everyone can work safely and with peace of mind.
· Kyocera will carry out risk assessments and reduce risks by eliminating existing hazards in order to prevent workplace accidents and disasters.
· The Kyocera Group strives to build a work environment where employees feel healthy, enjoy job satisfaction and can reach their maximum potential by promoting mental and physical health.
* Abstract from the Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Policy

  Approaches to Occupational Health and Safety and Management System
The Kyocera Group has in place a safety and disaster prevention management system according to the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OHSAS18001) and promotes efforts for occupational safety and health. In Japan, Kyocera conducts continuous improvement activities by identifying problems to tackle based on the risk assessment, taking actions to solve potential risk areas, and conducting audits at various sites.

In FY2018, a risk evaluation was conducted by external experts for the purpose of preventing fire accidents. As a result of this investigation, risks in the manufacturing process of domestic Group companies were identified, and appropriate fire prevention measures were implemented.
Photo: Risk evaluation (Shiga Yasu Plant)
Risk evaluation
(Shiga Yasu Plant)

Integrated Certification
OHS 635471 / OHSAS 18001
OHSAS18001 Certificate of Registration (pdf/1,996KB) PDF
OHSAS18001 Certification Status (pdf/750KB) PDF

Individual Certification
OHSAS18001 Certification Status (pdf/31.3KB) PDF

Changes in Lost Time Accident Rate of the Kyocera Group (in Japan)
The lost time accident rate of the Kyocera Group (Japan) in FY2018 was 0.27, lower than the average of all manufacturing industries as well as the electric machinery and appliance manufacturing industries. Kyocera will continue to take action to reduce industrial accidents and create a safe working environment safe for all its employees.

Lost time accident rate

Example Approach

Holding Intormation Sessions on Workplace Safety
The Kyocera Group regularly holds information sessions about onsite work safety in order to prevent business partners who enter our sites for service or other related work from being involved in accidents. In FY2018, an information session was held at each site in Japan about campus safety work rules and activities for accident prevention. During these sessions, Kyocera’s staff and business partners mutually confirmed safety precautions and shared a renewed sense of safety awareness.
Hokkaido Kitami PlantShiga Yasu PlantKagoshima Sendai Plant
Safety information sessions (from left to right: Hokkaido Kitami Plant, Nagano Okaya Plant, and Kyoto Ayabe Plant)
Environmental Safety Technology Exchange Meeting in China
Technical exchange meeting

Technical exchange meeting (Shanghai Kyocera Electronics Co. Ltd.)
The Kyocera Group held an environmental safety technology exchange meeting in China to improve the level of environmental safety management at each overseas production site and to share safety information. About 30 people including managerial staff and engineers from the headquarters of Kyocera and the Kyocera Group sites in China participated in this technology exchange meeting. They made presentations of problems related to environmental safety and improvement measures in addition to sharing research results and technical information to ultimately improve the environmental safety management level at each site in China. Kyocera intends to carry out various activities to maintain and improve environmental safety management at overseas sites.
Certified Superior Health and Safety
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. actively takes actions to ensure the health and safety of its employees together with efforts to maintain and improve a high level of health and safety standard. For their effort, the company was certified as a health and safety superior enterprise by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. This certification was the first among the manufacturing industry in Osaka prefecture, Japan. We will continue our work to maintain and improve the level of health and safety by actively taking relevant measures, including those for elimination of industrial accidents, prevention of excessive labor, reduction in the number of employees who were found to have anomalies in their medical checkup results, and improvement in the rate of taking paid leave. Certificate awarding ceremony
Certificate awarding ceremony
White Mark (Yujiro)
White Mark (Yujiro)
Skill Upgrading and Basic First-Aid Training

The Kyocera Group regularly provides basic first-aid training with the cooperation of the fire departments so that employees can calmly and appropriately carry out life-saving aid in the event of an emergency. Participants learn the right way of handling AED and the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technique in the lecture. One of the employees of the Kagoshima Sendai Plant who took the lecture found a man afloat on the sea while surfing in February 2017 and swiftly administered life-saving first-aid treatment jointly with the surrounding people. His action was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the mayor of Akune city. The Kyocera Group continues to promote the teaching of skills for CPR and AED widely among employees so that we can help save lives during an emergency.

Basic First-Aid training (Kagoshima Sendai Plant)Basic First-Aid training (Kagoshima Sendai Plant)
Basic first-aid training (Kagoshima Sendai Plant)

 Actions for Health Enhancement
The Kyocera Group is undertaking various measures to raise health awareness among all employees and support health in body and mind.
Actions for THP (Total Health Promotion) Activity
The Kyocera Group carries out total health promotion (THP) activities to help employees maintain and improve their physical and mental health so that they feel happy with their health and to make the company a more productive and lively group of employees. It is clearly declared in the Health and Productivity Management Declaration that the Kyocera Group is engaged seriously in health improvement of its employees. In addition, we actively conduct health improvement activities, including measures to promote healthy eating habits, exercise, non-smoking, and mental health, to develop and establish the necessary health-related systems to make a healthy and productive company.

Kyocera Group Health and Productivity Management Declaration

The Kyocera Group declared as its corporate principle, “to provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind,” in the Management Rationale and has conducted management based on this philosophy since it’s the company’s foundation.

Since the physical and mental health of employees is indispensable to realize this management rationale, the Kyocera Group carries out total health promotion (THP) activities to conduct “health and productivity management.”

Kyocera aims to remain a lively and energetic group where all of its employees are delighted to work in a healthy way while achieving their maximum performance potential.
July 3, 2018
President, Kyocera Corp.
Hideo Tanimoto

  Deployment of Kyocera Perfect 5S Promotion Activities
The 5S system (“Seiri”: Sort / “Seiton”: Set in Order / “Seiso”: Shine / “Seiketsu”: Sanitize / “Shitsuke”: Sustain) is at the heart of work. Efforts by the Kyocera Group to implement the 5S system perfectly are called Kyocera Perfect 5S Promotion Activities and they are being introduced globally. At each worksite, employees regularly evaluate the degree of 5S achievement using a company-wide standardized check list. This actively encourages employees to identify points to improve as their worksite task and involves all members as the main players for improvement. It is a rule that evaluators are those who completed 5S training and passed the test so as to prevent evaluation inconsistency and ensure judgment from a more objective viewpoint. Through these activities, Kyocera aims to create a working environment that allows every employee to work in a safe and secure atmosphere and to help every individual employee greatly improve their 5S awareness and upgrade their sensitivity.
Field explanation on 5S Promotion Activities (Kagoshima Hayato Plant)
Field explanation on 5S Promotion Activities (Kagoshima Hayato Plant)
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