Approaches to Raising Quality and Customer Satisfaction Levels

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Approaches to Raising Customer Satisfaction Levels |

 Efforts to Improve Product Quality
Kyocera Quality Policy
The Kyocera Group has established the Kyocera Quality Policy to achieve production of quality goods that fully satisfy our customers’ needs.

All departments must pursue the right way to perform their jobs based on a firm policy in order to realize an enterprise that is worthy of trust throughout the world. All employees of the Kyocera Group continue to strive to do every job right the first time toward the goal of becoming a world leader in quality.
Kyocera Quality Policy
1. Kyocera places top priority on our environmental management and product safety systems.
2. Kyocera provides products and services to our customers that exceed their expectations by putting them first.
3. Kyocera aims to be a world leader in quality by doing every job right the first time.

Quality Management Systems
Photo: Kyocera CS Improvement Committee

Kyocera Group CS Improvement Committee
The Kyocera Group holds meetings of the Kyocera CS Improvement Committee, with the President serving as its chairman, on a regular basis to improve customer satisfaction indices, share quality information to prevent quality problems, and prevent the recurrence of quality-related problems. The company has established quality management systems based on ISO9001, and each business unit sets its own quality targets and carries out quality improvements towards their achievement. Furthermore, these improvement activities are continuously being upgraded by holding various quality-related training programs. This training is designed to give employees field drills with the help of Kyocera-style tree diagrams and to help them enhance their practical ability to smoothly handle quality related problems.
ISO9001 Certification Status (pdf/52KB) PDF
ISO9001 Integrated Certificate (pdf/3,391KB) PDF
[Range of certification: Kyocera (excluding connector, crystal device, and medical), Kyocera Document Solutions Inc., and Kyocera Solar Corp.]

 Efforts to Ensure Product Safety
Kyocera Product Safety Policy
Safety is the utmost priority for all products made or sold by Kyocera. Regardless of form or function, they must not endanger a person’s life or well-being, nor inflict damage on property. From this perspective, Kyocera has set a Product Safety Policy, in addition to its Quality Policy.

Kyocera established Product Safety System Guidelines as a concrete code of action at all levels of corporate activity. Additionally, the Guidelines for Product Safety Labeling serve as supplementary guidelines for understanding international standards relating to safety labels.
Kyocera Product Safety Policy
1. Kyocera is fully acquainted with the latest information related to product liability and product safety.
2. Kyocera maintains an industry-leading standard of product safety.
3. Kyocera systematically practices product safety in accordance with manuals.
Responses to Accidents Involving Products
We have established systems that allow the CS Division and Risk Management Division to gather information and implement countermeasures if a serious product accident occurs. We also notify the competent authority of such accidents and disclose information on our Web site.

Risk management and compliance (Risk Management Promotion)

 Approaches to Raising Customer Satisfaction Levels
Action by the Customer Support Center
The Kyocera Group operates a Customer Support Center (Call Center) to handle mainly matters concerning products for general consumers. By responding earnestly, correctly and promptly to customer inquiries, consultations, complaints and other issues, the Kyocera Group aims to raise the level of customer satisfaction.Valuable information and inquiries received from our customers are promptly reported to top management and shared among the relevant business segments. The information received is used to improve the quality of our products and services.The number of inquiries to Kyocera in FY2018 was 98,103.

Safeguarding Customer Personal Information
In the Kyocera Group, the personal information of customers is as a rule obtained directly from customers, upon agreement with the customers, and only after clarification of the purpose for which it would be used is provided. Personal information stored by the Kyocera Group is handled appropriately in accordance with strict controls based on the Electronic Information Security Management Policy and associated regulations.

Product Development by User Centered Design
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. incorporates the concept of User Centered Design in its development process. Under this concept, users are always at the center of the life cycle of products such as printers and multifunctional products (MFPs), covering planning, design, production and sale; and products are designed based on information gathered from users and a good understanding of what they want.

Particularly in the design stage, it is important to understand customers’ needs and repeat the production and evaluation of prototypes. This is how the company realizes the supply of easy-to-use products and user-friendly services. Engineers and designers whose job is to develop products actually visit workplaces where people with disabilities work, as well as place themselves in wheelchairs or wear special kits in order to recreate the physical experience of elderly people so that they can better understand the needs of diverse people. What they learn is then incorporated into the verification and development of products.

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.,Usability & Accessibility External Sites
Photo: Wheelchair usability evaluation

Wheelchair usability evaluation

Example Approach

Kyocera and Saga University Received the Special Prize of the 7th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award
Kyocera and Saga University received the Special Prize of the 7th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award (Product and Technical Development Category), sponsored by the METI, for development of an artificial hip joint application for the AG-PROTEX implant coating technology, in January 2018.

The Award aims to recognize those who show particularly excellent performance among those working at the front-line of manufacturing in order to ensure inheritance of the manufacturing technology and skills that made great contributions to Japan's industrial and cultural development, and enrichment of its people's current advancement. Kyocera and Saga University jointly developed AG-PROTEX, a technique for thermal spraying of hydroxyapatite containing silver with a wide antibacterial spectra and developed the antibacterial artificial hip joint application. This achievement was awarded with the prize.
Artificial hip joint using antibacterial technology AG-PROTEX®><br>
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Artificial hip joint using antibacterial technology AG-PROTEX®
13 multi-functional and printer models granted the highest level certification "Highly Recommended"
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. was certified "Highly Recommended," the highest level evaluation, by an independent survey organization on document equipment, Buyers Lab (BLI), U.S.A., for a total of 13 models, including seven color A3 multi-functional machine models, two monochrome A3 multi-functional machine models, and four monochrome A4 printer models, in November 2017.

These products underwent a series of strict tests by BLI and were evaluated as comprehensively excellent products noting performance features such as ease of use and image quality, as well as durability and price.
Multi-functional machine TASKalfa and printer ECOSYS certified as Highly Recommended

Multi-functional machine TASKalfa and printer ECOSYS certified as Highly Recommended
Kyocera's smartphone in the category of designs that contribute to the safety and security of children for the 11th Kids Design Award
Kyocera was recognized in the category of designs that contribute to the safety and security of children of the 11th Kids Design Award by the Kids Design Association for miraie f, Kyocera's smart phone for kids, in September 2017.

The award recognizes outstanding products, space and services that realize and disseminate the philosophies of designs for kids, namely, designs that contribute to the safety of children, designs that cultivate children's creativity and sensibility, and designs for comfortably raising children. This smartphone product is commended for its capability of preventing risky or excessive use of the Internet and setting various safety functions. For example, the menu is designed to allow easy setting of the rules determined by a parent and his or her child.
Smartphone for juveniles miraie f
Smartphone for juveniles miraie f
Development of ultra-small crystal vibrator using plasma CVM technology received the 42nd Inoue Harushige Prize
In July 2017, Kyocera received the 42nd Inoue Harushige Prize jointly with Prof. Kazuya Yamamura, Osaka University, for the development of ultra-small quartz crystal units using plasma CVM* technology.

The prize recognizes researchers and corporations for development or commercialization of outstanding technology based on the unique research results of a university or research institute, and their eventual contributions to the advancement of science and technology in Japan, economic development or welfare improvement.

The technology developed by Kyocera and Prof. Yamamura is capable of contributing to further diffusion of smartphones and wearable devices and downsizing of hearing aids or medical capsules. The technological achievement realized by the industrial and academic collaboration of Kyocera and Osaka University, wins high evaluation.

* CVM: Chemical Vaporization Machining
Ultra-small crystal units
Ultra-small crystal units
(scale: 0.5mm)
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