Environment &

Toward a Sustainable Future with
Optimized Energy Solutions for
the Global Environment

In recent years there has been increasing demand
for renewable energy solutions to help create a
zero-carbon society and mitigate global warming.
To help promote sustainability,
Kyocera manufacturers high-quality solar,
storage, and fuel cells with long-term reliability,
and develops new AI-powered technology solutions for
efficient renewable energy management.

Developer Interviews

Understanding New Challenges and Future Projects
Being Undertaken at Kyocera

Interview 01
Clean Energy Pioneers
Kyocera’s Initiatives Toward an Environmentally Friendly Society
Interview 02
Renewable Energy and Energy Management Systems Supporting a Decarbonized, Sustainable Society
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Related Technologies and Products

Against the backdrop of the Paris Agreement, RE100 global initiative, and others, there is growing global demand to utilize renewable energy for the realization of a zero-carbon society. In addition to solar cells, storage cells, and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), Kyocera offers a wide range of products and services, including AI-powered energy management systems, for the efficient control of electricity.