CSR Activities (Society and Environment)

Corporate Social Responsibidivty : Contributing to the advancement and development of humankind and society through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy
Special Feature 1: Promotion of Activities to Combat Climate Change and Promote Energy Savings
Special Feature 2: Response to Conflict Minerals
  • Environmental Activities
  • Social Contribution Activities
  • Corporate Motto / Management Rationale
  • Top Management Message
  • Kyocera Group Management Roots
  • Management Based on the Kyocera Philosophy
  • Advancing Kyocera Philosophy Education

Photo: CSR Report / Social Contribution Activities Brochure

Please download the CSR Report / Social Contribution Activities Brochure here

  • Kyocera Group Eco-Lessons
  • Kyocera Forestation Activities
  • Kyocera Group Eco-Lessons