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March 04, 2021

Kyocera Recognized as Supplier Engagement Leader by CDP for 2nd Consecutive Year

Kyocera has been recognized as a Supplier Engagement Leader by CDP* for the 2nd year in a row, citing Kyocera's initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its supply chain.

Kyocera's ambitious environmental efforts include global initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions companywide and maximize the use of renewable throughout the company's operations. One such initiative is Kyocera's "Self-Wheeling" renewable energy system that generates and stores solar power from one of Kyocera's solar power plants in Japan and transports it for use in a Kyocera production facility located several kilometers away.

Read about Kyocera's Supplier Engagement Leader Recognition here:

*CDP is an international non-profit which surveys companies annually for their "Supplier Engagement Leaderboard" list of leading companies based on environmental records and targets.