Guiding your digital journey into the future of manufacturing.

Kyocera aims to "Guide The Future of Manufacturing" and create dramatic improvements in productivity.

From digital machining solutions and AI-powered collaborative robot systems to IOT based tool management systems, we will contribute to a smarter future as a group.

Let us guide you through this digital journey.


Digital Solution


Tool Path / Cutting Conditions

Once you have determined which tool to use, you can set the tool path and cutting conditions. By integrating CAM and specialized software, the tooling CAD data can be pre-set for appropriate cutting conditions and shortened cycle time.

Optimization of Machining Conditions

The NC code output from CAM is geometric, but the analysis will visualize cutting loads. In addition, cutting conditions can be optimized to reduce cycle time in advance.

Using the MFH Mini
Ex. : Plastic Mold Pocketing Roughing (Image)
Preventing Problems and Improving Productivity


Predicting machining effects using analysis technology

By combining the experience that Kyocera has cultivated over many years with various analysis tools, it is possible to predetermine where machining problems might occur and take countermeasures in advance.
This section introduces some of these tooling analysis technologies.


By optimizing CAD/CAM and cutting conditions, and using accurate simulations,
machining issues can be solved in advance for increased productivity.


From a world determined after machining to a world we can see before machining takes place—
Kyocera will continue its technological innovation to deliver a "Smarter Future".
View an example of our digital solutions below.


AI x Collaborative Robot

Utilizes AI to minimize teaching for simple and speedy usage of collaborative robots.
Kyocera's AI-powered collaborative robot system creates new possibilities for manufacturing a wide variety of products in small lots for customers.

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Tool Management

IoT x Tool Management

KYOCERA Unimerco* provides solutions that help customers reduce total costs through tool inventory management and visualization of tool consumption.

Kyocera Unimerco A/S (Headquarters: Sunds, Denmark) is a global manufacturer and distributor providing standard and customized cutting tools as well as know-how and optimization guidance for manufacturing industry.

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