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Product Line-Up

  • LTE


    Multiband modules supporting LTE, UMTS and GSM. For automotive and various M2M applications.

    *AL-S5300NA-V1 is a product conform to Verizon Wireless network in US.
    *AL-S5300NA-A2 is a product conform to AT&T network in US.

    *LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

  • LTE


    Modules supporting LTE, for various M2M applications. High-speed communications of up to 75Mbps. Available with or without SIM card slots. Supports USB/UART interface.

    *KYM11 is a product of KDDI.

  • W-CDMA

    FOMA TM02-KY

    Modules for telematics applications. Supporting packet communications, voice/AV communication, SMS multi access.

    *FOMA TM02-KY is a product of NTT DOCOMO.

  • CDMA


    Highly durable models with excellent heat and earthquake resistance. High-speed communication modules that support gpsONE and CDMA 1X EVDO.

    *KCMV-200 is a product of KDDI.

  • CDMA


    Small high-speed communication modules. Compatible with PCI Express Mini Card standard and gpsOne.

    *KCMP is a product of KDDI.

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