Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Photoreceptor Drums

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2011-09-14 KYOCERA Sets New World Record for Durability in A4 Printing Equipment's Photoreceptor Drum

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High hardness, Long operating life
From a consumable to a non-expendable item
Amorphous silicon (a-Si) photoreceptor drums, which are long-life and highly durable products, changed the role of the photoreceptor drum from a consumable item to a component with a long product life equivalent to that of the actual printer.
High-Quality Images
From office color printing applications to printing presses
High definition imaging is achieved with the high resolution of a-Si drums and our original high-precision processing technology.
High Reliability
High reliability realized through inorganic materials
a-Si drums are composed of function-sectional layers and experience very little characteristic changes even after long use due to the highly stable substances utilized for each layer. Furthermore, the drums do not deteriorate from exposure to solvents or high temperatures.
 Resource Saving/ Reduced Environmental Impact
Ultimate eco
Reduce, reuse, recycle. Kyocera a-Si drums help users produce environmentally-friendly products and mitigate generation of waste materials.
High-Speed Stability
Realizing ultra-high speed printing
These drums have a response speed of 15m/sec or less. Moreover, blade cleaning can be performed at 1m/s or faster. a-Si drums demonstrate the best performance in high speed machines.
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 Ultra-High Durability a-Si Photoreceptor Drums

30mm (diameter) X 250mm (length) (For A4 paper); other sizes available upon request.
Extending the world's longest operating life more than three times*1, and contributing to reduced environmental impact
Kyocera is the first manufacturer*2 to have succeeded in producing drums with a high-hardness a-C protective-surface layer. Moreover, Kyocera developed ultra-high durability a-Si drums which made it possible to further enhance the long operating life, more than three times, from printing about 300,000 A4 sheets to printing roughly one million. This product realizes high durability without the use of a heater by adopting a-C surface layer, which is superior in terms of hardness and oxidation resistance.
*1 For electrophotographic printing of A4 sheets by a-Si drum of 30mm diameter without a heater in a longitudinal direction (based on research by Kyocera; as of August. 9, 2011). Durability depends on paper type, environment and print pattern (ink density, darkness, etc.).
*2 First achievement of the practical use of an a-C surface layer in the world (based on research by Kyocera; as of August. 9, 2011).
1. Realizing the world's longest operating life and contributing to reduced environmental impact
Realizing durability equal to printing roughly one million sheets by adopting the a-C surface layer, which is superior in terms of hardness and durability, this product makes it possible to cut the replacement frequency of drums to less than one-third, and contributes to a decrease in environmental impact through waste reduction.
2. Heaterless drums realize power savings
Kyocera's a-Si drums are capable of realizing high-quality imaging by optimizing the thin-film composition of the protective-surface layer, even in a high-humidity environment without a heater for drums*3. Furthermore, heaterless drums contribute to power savings.

*3 For use in a-Si drums without heaters, appropriate cleaning of the surface is necessary.  
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High-Speed Printers Ecosys Printers On-Demand Printing Liquid Toner Development
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SLH Series ― ultra high speed LED exposure device designed for a-Si photoreceptor drums
  Ultra High-Speed Printing
Ultra high-speed printing realized through the use of high-intensity LED chips
Newly-developed high-intensity LED chips are realizing 4 times higher luminosity than conventional products (based on experiments by Kyocera).
This new product realizes ultra high-speed printing of 180m/min, which belongs to the world's top class in the field of electro-photographic devices.

  High Image Quality
Realization of high print quality by achieving high-density mounting technology (1,200dpi) and also Kyocera's original compensation technology
These two technologies make it possible to realize high image quality, and are optimum solutions for the high-definition process of liquid-toner development.
  Ecological Design
Substantial reduction of power consumption by realizing low-current design
The SLH Series realizes an approximately 30%*4 reduction of power consumption adopting the low-current design achieved by the use of high-intensity LED chips. The SLH Series supports users to design ecological products.

*4 Comparison with conventional Kyocera products.
  Optimized for the use of a-Si Drums
The design of the SLH Series, such as high-intensity LED chips, lens, and driving, are optimized for the use of a-Si drums. The SLH Series, therefore, makes it possible for users to maximize the performance of a-Si drums.
SLH 365A-1200GD2 SLH 528A-1200GD2
SLH 365A-1200GD2 SLH 528A-1200GD2 SLH 771A-1200GD2
Effective Print Width 365mm 528mm 771mm
Total Dots 17,280dot 24,960dot 36,480dot
Resolution 1,200dpi
Dot Pitch 21.15µm
Printing Speed*5 ~180m/min
Grayscale*6 2 bit 4 grayscale
Data Transmission LVDS 280Mbps(per channel),clock frequency 40MHz
*5 Maximum printing speed may vary by interface design.
*6 Grayscale control is optional.
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a-Si Photoreceptor Drums

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