Synthetic Colored Opals


pointKyocera's Synthetic Colored Opal Sparkles in KOKOIST's Nail Gel

One-of-a-kind opal material applied in nail art for the first time

Kyocera's synthetic colored opal is utilized in KOKOIST's line of nail gel products. The KOKOIST Gem Gel Series was launched in the United States in September 2015 and represents the first time that Kyocera's synthetic colored opal was used for a decorative application in nail art.

  • The nail gel was developed by integrating Kyocera's original gem-synthesis technology cultivated over the years with KOKOIST's expertise in creating professional nail gel with high flexibility. Flecks of synthetic colored opal suspended in the gel add a unique aesthetic and deep radiance. KOKOIST chose Kyocera's synthetic colored opal because of its rich luminance and flexibility, which offer nail artists limitless design possibilities.

  • KOKOIST's expertise in creating professional nail gel

pointKyocera's Synthetic Colored Opal Utilized in Decorative Design of Yamaha Trombone and Saxophone

Radiant beauty enriches Yamaha's Xeno 20th anniversary model

  • Kyocera's synthetic colored opal is featured in a limited edition trombone and saxophone offered by Yamaha Corporation, a leading musical instrument manufacturer. The synthetic opal material, showcasing unique radiance, is utilized for two models — adding a luxurious feel to its design which appropriately fits with the product concept as a special edition. The trombone model (YSL-882O20TH) is available in North America, Europe, Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries and the saxophone model (YAS-82ZRED) is available in Japan.

  • The trombone

point"Saikiko" Combines Kyocera's Synthetic Colored Opal and "Urushi" Artistry

Urushi artist, Kenji Omachi creates a new world of Makie (Japanese traditional technique of gold lacquer)

An innovative original technique called “Saikiko” combines the deep gloss of Urushi and the glitter of synthetic color opal. Urushi artist Kenji Omachi has created beautiful jewelry boxes and bowls with Saikiko, bringing new materials and techniques into traditional Urushi arts. The new technique, which uses synthetic colored opal instead of mother of pearl with the same process as “Raden” (a technique to adhere tiny crushed pieces of shells onto the surface of lacquerware) was innovated by Mr. Omachi creating various and gorgeous lusters that Raden cannot achieve.

  • created beautiful jewelry bowls with Saikiko

  • created beautiful jewelry boxes with Saikiko

pointKyocera's Synthetic Colored Opal Selected for Material in Official Badge of Kyoto "Kentei" Test

Synthetic colored opal represents the dignity and everlasting brilliance of Kyoto's rich cultural history

  • Kyocera was selected as a supplier for the material of the Kyoto Kentei test badge (a test covering Kyoto's history and culture). Kyocera supplied both synthetic colored opal and gold/silver decorative ceramics which are used as a part of the badge that is presented to examinees who have passed the Kyoto Kentei. The 1st level award badge, where Kyocera's synthetic colored opal is used, is inspired by the dignity and the everlasting brilliance of Kyoto's history.

  • Official Badge of Kyoto Kentei Test

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