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World Philosophy Day

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All business needs philosophy. That was the lesson Kyocera's founder, Kazuo Inamori, promoted during his career as a business leader and engineer. Philosophy can ground our thinking, give us a standard of judgment, and ensure that we stay on a path which benefits others based on the concept of "doing what is right as a human being" in our professional lives.

Philosophy doesn't need to mean something abstract or whimsical. Fundamental principles like "Be honest," "Do not deceive others," and "Do not lie" are basic, but universal philosophical truths about how to engage with others in a business setting. At a time of great uncertainty, we need these basic principles more than ever.

On this World Philosophy Day, let's reflect on the basic principles that should guide any business, and consider how to uphold them to improve the lives of those we work with and the world we serve.

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