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Boast and Make it Come True

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In most cultures, boasting is frowned upon. From a young age, we feel some pressure to be modest and work quietly. But is this always the best advice?

Idle bragging is never productive. However, speaking up to proclaim your goals, and sharing them with those around you -- whether colleagues, friends, or family -- can be a strong motivator. If talking about your goals openly like this constitutes boasting, then Kyocera's philosophy would be to "Boast, and make it come true!"

In sharing a big goal with others, you may feel a deeper commitment to achieve it in your own mind, and through the expectations of your peers. This can provide powerful motivation to drive those plans through to completion.

Ideas kept to ourselves lie dormant and eventually disappear; but, an idea gains impact when it materializes through action and behavior. So, speak up. Don't shy away from sharing your goals. And don't forget to follow up with actions to achieve them!
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