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Ceramic Packaging for Rechargeable Batteries

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IoT is connecting everything - buildings, home appliances, automobiles. And reliable batteries are crucial to making sure these systems run smoothly.

The challenge is that IoT devices will need to work anywhere. The small rechargeable batteries used in IoT equipment are exceptionally fragile.

For IoT devices, extreme environments are the norm. Heat, cold, vibrations, impact shocks - rechargeable batteries in IoT devices need to survive all this, and more.

Kyocera's answer to this problem is new ceramic battery packaging. We have been developing industrial ceramic solutions since 1959 and ceramic packages for semiconductors since the 1960s. Using this know-how, Kyocera works with our customers to design ceramic packaging with high heat resistance, high strength, and moisture resistance for use with surface-mounted small power devices. These material characteristics support our customers creating reliable IoT devices to endure extreme environments.

Learn how to develop more reliable IoT equipment with ceramic packaging for batteries by Kyocera.