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Conceive Optimistically, Plan Pessimistically, and Execute Optimistically

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When you start any new venture or project, the right balance of optimism and pessimism is necessary for success. Especially at the start, you must conceive optimistically. Unbridled optimism will help get your project off the ground and bring others in line with your vision.

But don't let your enthusiasm blind you from proper planning. The planning stage needs a certain degree of pessimism to envision obstacles standing in your way and make contingency plans to overcome them. In other words, you must conceive optimistically, but plan pessimistically. Being too optimistic in planning could lead you to underestimate the seriousness of the challenges awaiting you, causing problems later on.

Finally, once the plan is set, switch back to optimism mode and execute the plan with the most positive mindset possible. In short, you should conceive optimistically, plan pessimistically, and execute optimistically.

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