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World Science Day for Peace and Development

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Since the industrial revolution, advances in science and technology have played a profound role in lifting a much of humanity out of poverty and improving standards of living across the globe.

While some might be skeptical of new scientific trends, AI for example, the reality is that science is humanity's best hope for creating a world that is fair, peaceful, and equitable, without reducing standards of living.

We take our part in commemorating the powerful effect of science and technology in society by recognizing the UN's World Science Day for Peace and Development.

In recent years Kyocera has been investing heavily in new research and development. We invested a total of 84.1 billion yen last fiscal year in R&D (around 689 million USD based on March 2022 rates). This is the highest amount ever for our company, representing around 4.6% of total revenues. We also developed a brand-new research and development facility in Kirishima City in Kagoshima Japan that opened in October this year, demonstrating our commitment to investing in both science and, equally as important, regional community development.

Corporations like Kyocera play a key role in identifying trends in society, isolating areas where technological deficiencies can be alleviated, and undertaking scientific research based on those findings.

However, once technology is developed, we must work with our customers and partners in the public domain and lend an ear to our community to understand the best way to deploy that technology in a way that is beneficial to the whole of humanity.

As powerful influencers in society, corporations we must never forget the heavy responsibility we owe to the world. And honor that responsibility by engaging in scientific research with an altruistic heart that promotes peace and development for all.

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