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World's Smallest* GaN Laser Chip

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From AR to VR, the metaverse is turning the digital world more and more visual.
And the key to making this visual world even more immersive is micro-LED & Lasers.

Currently, conventional AR semiconductor lasers are limited to a length of 300 micrometers.
However, using proprietary gallium nitride technology, engineers at Kyocera's Advanced Materials and Devices Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan, have developed a process for manufacturing micro-Lasers just 100 micrometers in length, 1/3 the size of conventional technology.

We could achieve this size reduction by developing a completely new manufacturing process that is an evolution of the more traditional "cleaving method." Our so-called "novel cleaving method" manufacturing process results in a size reduction of about 67% and helps minimize power consumption.

In addition, this new platform technology developed by Kyocera can produce micro-emitting devices in ultra-low defect density from silicon, realizing key performance advantages, such as smaller size, smaller batteries, lower power consumption, and lighter weight compared to conventional technologies.

From the metaverse to automotive headup displays, communication equipment, and medical devices, micro-LED & Lasers will make transformative changes to the way we live.

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