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Why Do We Need Philosophy in Management?

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Why Do We Need Philosophy in Management? Does it have any practical use in the real world? These questions don't come up in every conversation about business. But at Kyocera, we believe a noble philosophy is necessary for a company to succeed in today's competitive business environment.

Just as a mountain climber needs specialized climbing equipment to survive, business leaders and the companies they guide require the correct mindset, or philosophy, as their foundation. Concepts like "do the right thing as a human being," "don't lie," "be honest," are more than just words ― they are concrete principles we consider essential for any hope of long-term success.

Of course, one can find companies that have succeeded in the short term despite deceptive practices or even dishonesty. But, do they succeed in the long term?

Only by adhering to universal human values can we climb our high mountains and maintain long-term success once we get there.

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