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Transmissive Metasurface

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5G, and next-gen 6G, are transformative technologies, but not without their weaknesses.

One such weakness is high "rectilinear propagation" - or put simply, 5G mmWave travels in relatively straight lines. As a result, signals often cannot reach locations where a direct line of sight to the base station is obstructed, as in a crowded city or indoors.

To solve this problem, Kyocera's engineers developed an innovative "Transmissive Metasurface" technology to redirect wireless network signals in a specific direction. This new solution will help dramatically improve 5G service areas in addition to the conventional Reflective Metasurface technologies used to solve 5G's rectilinear propagation issues today.

Learn more about Kyocera's Transmissive Metasurface technology here: