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"Kyocera has great agility and velocity" - Panu Koppinen, Director of Foundry Operations, KYOCERA Tikitin, Finland

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Panu Koppinen, Director of Foundry Operations, leads Kyocera Tikitin toward the global commercialization of its technologies. He has been on board for a good time now and is sure that the MEMS silicon resonator developer and forerunner is the next big thing going global from Finland. The start-up way of doing business with great support from Kyocera is the key to their success.

Dr. Panu Koppinen is an enthusiastic person who wants to see Kyocera Tikitin's story be told worldwide. As one of the first employees of Tikitin, he thinks that with the right attitude and team, anything is achievable.

"It is clear that our agility and velocity to get things done are our best enablers to enter the global market. We aim to be the dominant player in the global MEMS market, and everyone at Kyocera Tikitin carries this attitude." This ambition to succeed can be heard when talking with Panu - and he speaks on behalf of the company.

"In this global market, billions of devices communicate and deliver data with one another, and the number is rising rapidly. We want our technology to be found in the gadgets, wearables, and self-driving cars of the future, to mention only a few. With our ambitious and growing team and the right organizational culture, nothing is impossible," Panu continues.

Start-up culture with global corporation support means global dominance

Kyocera Tikitin is a part of the Kyocera Group, which is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. The support from Kyocera is invaluable for Tikitin in their ambitious but realistic objective to be the world leader in their market.

"We are a unique entity in the Kyocera Group, and which unites the best practices from both worlds. Kyocera supports us with the resources to aim high and get things done.

Kyocera already has many global customers worldwide, which helps Tikitin present ideas and get to the same table as the big players. This is possible with the right support and especially the right products for the fast-growing cellular devices, intelligent wearables, and future transportation.

Panu sees Kyocera Tikitin as a vital part of the Kyocera Group. Even though Tikitin is still a relatively small part, they get recognition for their knowledge and strive to make the world smarter.

"For us, this is fantastic cooperation where both parties, Tikitin, and Kyocera, can learn from each other. We bring new ways of thinking, doing business more effectively, and maybe new business opportunities and vice versa," says Panu.

With rapid growth, everyone gets to effect on the business culture

Recruiting is active, and the Kyocera Tikitin's international team grows constantly. New crew members join Tikitin non-stop, approximately 1-2 persons monthly. Panu sees this as an opportunity to get even closer to their goals as new people bring new ideas and know-how to the firm. And everyone has a chance to speak their voice and participate in business development.

All new team members get to take part in the organization's development, and they are respected for it. Kyocera Tikitin doesn't leave anyone alone as it offers various tasks and opportunities to learn, develop and succeed individually and as a valuable member of the whole company.

With rapid growth, it is also very important to stay flexible and stay on top of the development wave. At Kyocera Tikitin, one of the key values is freedom of action - tasks are carried out with efficiency and with a good feeling, there are many ways to achieve mutual goals. Everyone is encouraged to try new ideas and working habits. No one is strictly limited to one task but rather encouraged to find their place when they have the enthusiasm to develop and thrive.

Kyocera Tikitin is growing fast, and their goal is clear - scaling up to mass production and product commercialization. Of course, this requires lots of talent, but Panu and the rest of the company see that they are on the right path.

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