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Kyocera's CRESCENT VERT is a sustainable jewelry alternative!

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Our lives have vastly improved thanks to technology. But for many people around the world now, product sustainability is most important.

In particular, for jewelry, fewer and fewer people care about where the gem is from, but rather how sustainably it was made. As a result, lab-grown diamonds have garnered increased attention worldwide, and even some Hollywood celebrities have already incorporated lab-grown jewelry into their fashion!

Did you know that Kyocera also produces high-quality lab-grown gemstones?

Believing that "Jewels enrich the heart of humanity," Kyocera began developing lab-grown jewelry in the 1970s and released its first lab-grown emerald - "CRESCENT VERT" - in 1975 using crystallizing technology developed for fine ceramics.

Increasing interest in our Japan online shop told us it was time to expand our horizons. Our first step in bringing the joy of high-quality gemstones to people worldwide was exhibiting in jewelry shows in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and Paris in 2017.

We hope our sustainable, customizable, accessible CRESCENT VERT gemstones will deliver true richness to the people around the world.

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