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Devoting myself to both work and canoe

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Kyocera has a corporate culture that values challenge. This section introduces employees chasing dreams at work and in their private lives!

I am currently engaged in media relations in the Kyocera Corporate Communications Division. My role includes writing press releases, preparing press conferences, and developing plans and interview proposals for the media to cover Kyocera's products and services so more people will know and understand our company.

My dream outside of work is to compete in the canoe sprint at the Paris Olympics 2024 and become the best in the world. The canoe sprint is a race to the line on a flatwater course contested by multiple boats. I first encountered canoe sport at university. At that time, I didn't think that I would be able to continue being an athlete after graduation, so I started playing canoe and dedicated myself to the sport. However, after working so hard, I was eventually selected as a candidate for the Tokyo Olympics 2020!

To achieve a balance between work and canoe, I make sure to report my activities, keep lines of communication open, ask for guidance or advice, immediately perform assigned tasks, express gratitude, and take actions to realize dreams at work as well. Having goals at work leads to mental stability and also helps improve my canoe performance.

Although it is difficult during the pandemic, I like travelling, going to museums and art galleries, and eating out at restaurants on my days off. As I like paintings and antiques, and since I studied aesthetics and art history at university, I have a curator license as well.

I hope always to be thankful to the people around me, and keep doing my best in both work and competition!!