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"Kyocera's strength lies in the Philosophy of 'Management by All'"- Sayante Papakham, KAP Thailand

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Sayante Papakham is Deputy Senior Sales Manager of the Industrial Tools Division at Kyocera Asia Pacific Thailand (KAPT).

His roles are to encourage team members to provide good services for customers and develop new business for sustainable growth.

KAPT works with distributors in Thailand to supply new products and technology that help end-users improve productivity, reduce costs, and expand their business.

Sayante's most fulfilling project was restructuring the company's logistics system. KAPT used to deliver products to customers by air from Singapore, but they had only two flights per week, and some flights were delayed. To solve this issue, the company established a new warehouse in Thailand to avoid delivery issues. In addition, to support more customers, KAPT has opened new branch offices.

When he joined Kyocera, the IT division was still small, but it is now five times larger than before. Sayante says that he aims to be the top market share cutting-tools-manufacturer in Thailand.

Sayante has recently been assigned to Deputy Office Manager of the KAPT Head Office as well.
He has been working at KAPT for many years and has a strong passion to grow the business and develop human resources. In addition, he speaks fluent Japanese, so he helps facilitate communication and provide support for organizational management by sharing goals and progress with all employees across divisions.

Sayante Papakham believes Kyocera's strength lies in the Philosophy of "Management by All," which encourages every employee to think and act on their own to manage and improve the daily work.

Despite the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, KAPT seeks to embrace these changes and further expand its business in the emerging Thailand market.

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