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Diverse Cultures and Skillsets Unify Kyocera Asia Pacific Employees

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Kyocera Asia Pacific's (KAP) mission is to enhance and develop the Kyocera's brand in the Asia Pacific region. Based in Singapore and led by Managing Director Mr. Hideo Yoshida, the company has approximately 600 employees and branch offices in seven regions - Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and India. KAP markets a wide variety of products, including automotive, information & communication, and industrial components, and Medical products. KAP is also constantly seeking to expand its presence in the region and recently collaborated with the IoT Open Lab in Bengaluru, India, to market its products to more players in the IoT industry.

As very diverse cultures and languages exist across the countries covered by KAP, the company aspires to promote unity through Kyocera's "Management by All" philosophy, thereby contributing to the growth and development of all employees. Regardless of their different skill sets, abilities, cultures, and lifestyles, KAP employees work together towards a common goal.

Ms. Siau Lee, HR Manager at the KAP HQ in Singapore, oversees human resources operations at the various KAP Group offices. She emphasizes teamwork and authentic communication as the key to success.

2020 was a challenging year for KAP, as it has been for many others around the world as they adjusted to new working conditions that came about because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the lockdown in several countries in the Asia Pacific, nearly 90% of KAP staff were suddenly required to work remotely, Siau together with her team, worked very closely with management to establish the Work from Home Policy. She believes that this policy is beneficial for KAP employees and the company to overcome this challenging time. Subsequently, KAP introduced teleworking across the entire organization. The Singapore office implemented in-office sanitation measures and started a shift system as in-office work started to resume in October. KAP believes that the quick response and unity that the team demonstrated during this crisis will make it a more agile and, ultimately, a more successful organization going forward.

Our Managing Director, Hideo Yoshida, delivered an inspirational message to KAP employees recently to remind everyone that Kyocera places a very high emphasis on its people. He believes "we can expand our business as much as we want by producing excellent human resources...Entrepreneurship to expand and nurture companies is very important, and we must develop human resources with that spirit." Mr. Yoshida believes that this attitude will continue to nurture the success of KAP going forward.

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