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Kyocera Launches the New 5652 Connector Series

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Demand for smart cars and electric vehicles has increased, as well as interest in ADAS and autonomous driving to reduce traffic accidents for safer and more secure automotive transportation. Automotive devices such as mobility computers and LiDAR require highly advanced systems to transmit big data. As such, they need connector components capable of transmitting that data at high speeds without latency.

Kyocera's new "5652 Series" floating board-to-board connectors are highly durable automotive electronic components to suit these needs. With operating temperatures up to 125° C (257° F), they perform well even in extreme temperatures required for in-vehicle equipment. They are also the industry's first USB 3.1 Gen. 2 compatible device capable of 16 Gbps (and greater) high-speed transmission.

Furthermore, Kyocera will develop its floating board-to-board connectors under the brand name "FloXY" with plans to gradually expand the FloXY lineup in the future. Learn more here:

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