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Meet Ed Chow, Process Engineer at Kyocera International Inc.

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Ed Chow, Process Engineer at Kyocera International Inc. (KII)

Ed grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but now lives in Portland with his wife and 2-year old son.

Ed graduated with an undergrad in Manufacturing Engineering. During his studies and early career, he developed a love for Lean tools and methodologies due to its core philosophy: Respect for people. This underlying philosophy fits perfectly with Kyocera's corporate motto, "Respect the Divine and Love People," and our management philosophy to "Do the right thing as a human being"; both of which attracted him to join Kyocera.

While his primary role at Kyocera is supporting Industrial Prototype projects, he has also taken on various projects that center around leveraging Industry 4.0 technology.

"From machine tool monitoring to automation, I'm looking for any and every opportunity to leverage Kyocera's underrated advantage: Its love for people," Ed explained.

"While most people think automation only drives humans out of the workplace, I believe a strong culture around 'doing the right thing as a human being' means we can aggressively pursue technology to augment and aid our workforce so they can focus on things like meaningful improvement projects that get pushed to the side because time constrains, or training programs to grow both our future and existing workforce and address the skills gap," Ed continued.