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Kyocera's Technology Advancing Space Exploration

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The Hayabusa 2 asteroid probe recently returned to Earth from a 6-year journey to the asteroid Ryugu to collect samples.

Did you know Kyocera's fine ceramics (also known as advanced ceramics) were used in the lithium-ion battery terminals to prevent electrolyte leakage inside the battery when in space?

Our fine ceramic technology is used around the world in applications from aerospace and automotive to cell phones and kitchen goods. Fine ceramics are precisely engineered materials with unique properties that are not present in naturally occurring materials. These properties, such as electrical conductivity and heat resistance, allow them to stand up to conditions other materials cannot. In this way, fine ceramics help make the impossible, possible.

Kyocera has been a pioneer in fine ceramics since its' founding in 1959 and has contributed to numerous innovations in the field of advanced materials.

Learn more about Kyocera's fine ceramics in space and other applications here:

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