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Thinking outside the box to equip Kyocera with cutting-edge technologies

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Kyocera's Corporate Digital Business Promotion Group was established as a company-wide organization to address rapid digitalization throughout the Kyocera Group and promote further growth.
Wataru Dokite who leads this new organization explained the story behind the division's launch and his vision for digitalization in the future.

Growth based on Kyocera's unique "Amoeba Management" method has led to many product lines and the company's strength lies in the manufacturing capability it has developed over the 60+ years since its founding. On the other hand, the systems, as well as manufacturing and management techniques used at Kyocera, vary from one corporate group to another. Another problem is that data generated during daily operations is not being plugged into a big data structure so it cannot be shared across the company.

As the needs of society change from "goods" to "experience" and "solutions" Kyocera must build a company-wide data platform and system to manufacture products with higher added-value. We hope to quantify individual employees' expertise, such as intuition and experience, to pass this onto the next generation and preserve it as formal and visible knowledge within the company.

In the Amoeba Management System, we tend to focus more on "specific optimization" that gives priority to making one's own division stronger. Emphasizing "total optimization" based on the idea that one's division is a part of the whole should pave the way to building an organization that can demonstrate its combined abilities while taking advantage of the strengths of Amoeba Management.

Our goal is to change corporate culture and employee awareness through digitalization that will foster outside-the-box thinking and make Kyocera a company equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Learn more about the Amoeba Management here: