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Kyocera's INNOVATIONblack ceramic knives

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Looking for an ultra-sharp, long-lasting kitchen knife at a reasonable price?

Kyocera's new patented INNOVATIONblack ceramic knives are proven to maintain razor-like sharpness twice as long as traditional ceramic knives.*

INNOVATIONblack is the result of more than 12 years of dedicated R&D to determine the perfect composition and sintering of ceramic particles.

"We wanted to discover a new technology to bring our industry forward in terms of performance for a reasonable price," said Takanori Nishihara, who led development of the INNOVATIONblack knife series.
"We worked with a number of materials combined with our high-precision ceramics to determine the best combination that both increased durability of the blade and doubled sharpness retention. INNOVATIONBlack is the result of that extensive R&D," Mr. Nishihara continued.

Learn more about INNOVATIONblack ceramic knives here:

*Based on testing by Kyocera