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Kyocera's 5G Smart Router

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Introducing a new hub device for connecting various edge devices and services via #5G. #Kyocera's Smart Router can connect legacy devices and devices yet to be upgraded for easy, low-cost 5G without the need to change entire infrastructures, and the terminal features a powerful CPU capable of edge computing to expand the range of 5G utilization to include load balancing, low latency, and BCP countermeasures.

1. Connection environment compatible with USB Type-C™, Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi6), Bluetooth, etc.

2. NSA/SA and DUALSIM compatible with both public and local networks

3. High-performance CPU for edge computing

4. Exhaust heat structure enables long-term use for stable and continuous connection

5. GPS, GLONASS, etc. equipped for high-precision location measurement

Case Study:
Used as a terminal on the receiving side at a Kyocera manufacturing site for various applications expected to be in demand in a 5G world, such as image data transfer and drone verification test using a public network.

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