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Kyocera Quiz No.2 "Automotive"

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Can you solve this week's Kyocera Quiz?

The automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented shift toward self-driving. 5G will further help to fuel this shift, allowing for the development of self-driving vehicles that are faster, smarter, and safer, even with an increase in data.

Kyocera is a leading supplier to the automotive industry of components such as ceramic packages. However, we also manufacture many functional automotive products, such as liquid crystal displays and camera modules. By integrating AI object detection into the camera module itself, Kyocera supports the development of safer autonomous vehicles.

According to Intel, how much data will an autonomous car generate after an hour and a half of driving?

A) 1 terabyte
B) 2 terabytes
C) 4 terabytes

Answer: "C) 4 terabytes"

This may not sound like much, but 4 terabytes is equivalent to the amount of data 3,000 internet users generate in a typical day!
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