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"Never Give Up Spirit, Run for Team Kyocera!"

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Meet Wayne Lau, a marketing and sales officer at Kyocera Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (KAP) based in Singapore.

KAP is responsible for enhancing the Kyocera brand and is focused on developing and expanding business in the Asia Pacific market.

Wayne was one of the 104 KAP employees and family members who participated in the Singapore Marathon that took place in late 2019 in several events under the slogan "Never Give Up Spirit, Run for Team Kyocera!". Wayne was delighted that all KAP participants completed the race after investing hours in training.

While similar events in 2020 have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wayne is looking forward to some day in the future when Team Kyocera can participate in the Singapore Marathon and other Kyocera activities again.

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