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Kyocera and City of Yokohama Test IoT Home-Delivery System

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Since Feb. 2020, Kyocera has been working with the City of Yokohama in Japan to test an IoT home-delivery system, also in collaboration with partner companies.

Currently, the logistics industry in Japan is simultaneously facing the two issues of increasing delivery orders and labor shortages. Moreover, redelivery of packages when residents are not home forces delivery drivers to work longer hours.

Kyocera's IoT home-delivery system allows drivers to check the availability of delivery lockers, which they can reserve through an app that visualizes the locker usage. Customers are then notified when their package has arrived at the locker. The system is expected to reduce the number of redeliveries and help delivery drivers work more efficiently.

Moreover, this system is expected to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by reducing face-to-face delivery. Considering the current situation, Kyocera has decided to extend the initial testing period for the system.