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Let's Cook with Kyocera!

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Here we introduce easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes recommended by Kyocera Group employees using Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Utensils.

"An expat from Japan who worked at the
Fremont, California office before I arrived taught me how to cook pasta aglio, olio e pepperoncino, and it has become a staple dish in our household on weekends. After working overtime or going on business trips for days on end, I like to cook for my family. Among my numerous signature dishes, this is one that my family requests often!"

Ingredients (serves four people)
Canned water sardines: 1 (70g, net)
Mushrooms (medium size): 8-10 pieces
Stick broccoli: 1 bunch (or 3 heads of common broccoli)
Spaghetti: 400g
Water: 4L
Salt: 2 tablespoons
Anchovy: As appropriate
Garlic: 4 cloves
Red pepper: 3-4 pieces
White wine: 3 tablespoons
Coarsely ground black pepper: As appropriate
Soy sauce, butter, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil: As appropriate

Though a ceramic knife cuts very well at first, it may become a little blunt after daily use. If so, an electric diamond knife sharpener proves very useful. After sharpening the blade for only a minute, the knife will cut as well as when you started using it!
After removing the hard tips from mushrooms, cut them into 3 mm thick pieces. Cut stick broccoli (or common broccoli) into 4 to 5 cm long pieces. Cut anchovy fillet finely. Slice garlic after removing the buds. After removing the seeds from red peppers, chop them finely.


The ceramic knife I use (with a 16 cm long blade) was given to me by the company as a gift to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kyocera's founding. The knife handle is easy to grip, and it can be used conveniently even to cut food as small as garlic.


Fill a large pot with water (4 L) and boil on high heat. Then, turn down the heat to medium low, and add two tablespoons of salt. After the water has boiled again, add spaghetti to the pot, and keep boiling for about one minute less than the time shown on the package.

While boiling the spaghetti, put some olive oil and sliced garlic into a frying pan, and cool slowly over low heat until they smell nice. When the garlic has just started to turn slightly golden, add the red peppers, and cook them until the garlic has become light brown (do not scorch).


Put the boiled water (60 cc) from the pot into the frying pan. While shaking the pan, mix and stir together the oil and water over high heat until the sauce is thickened.

Put minced anchovies and water sardines into the pan. When the aroma is noticeable, add mushrooms and broccoli, and stir-fry the ingredients a little over high heat. When oil has spread over ingredients, put black pepper and white wine into the pan and lightly cook out the alcohol.

After draining off boiled water, put the boiled spaghetti into the pan, and mix all the ingredients well.

bc2f7744965dfc1bcb723ceef1fdf12c.jpegSeason with butter and soy sauce before putting in a dish and adding extra virgin olive oil. Now it is finished!

Bon Appetit!!

Savoring coffee after a meal!

How fragrant!


With a ceramic coffee mill, you can grind coffee beans smoothly. You can disassemble and wash it, but ceramic blades will never rust; thus, a ceramic coffee mill is hygienic. In addition, you can adjust the size of the ground beans according to your taste - whether paper drip or espresso!

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