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KYOCERA Recognized as Supplier Engagement Leader by Non-Profit CDP

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We are pleased to share that Kyocera has been named as a global leader for engaging with suppliers on climatechange.

International non-profit organization CDP included Kyocera on its the "Supplier Engagement Leader Board" which list which s companies recognizeds companies for outstanding environmental records and targets based on an annual survey of suppliers conducted by the organization.

Kyocera has set an environmental target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, including external internal emissions and emissions from its supply chain, 30% by 2030 from fiscal year 2013 levels by March 31, 2030. In particular, CDP praised Kyocera's comprehensive approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The fight against climate change is essential for building a sustainable world. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable, low-carbon society by pursuing new greenhouse gas reduction approaches beyond conventional frameworks.

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