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Did we see you at the MD&M West Medical Expo in Anaheim?

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Did we see you at the MD&M West Medical Expo in Anaheim?
Cutting-edge #Kyocera ceramic materials helping to advance the latest medical technologies were on display at the MD&M West Medical Expo in Anaheim, California.
The new decade is bringing a radical transformation in healthcare based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), particularly in developing regions. One example is the challenge to develop an affordable, reliable device that can quickly diagnose HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases by rural clinics that may have electricity only a few hours per day. Kyocera's proprietary Alumina-Sapphire microchemical chip is inspired in part by this challenge.
In the field of healthcare, Kyocera's fine ceramics contribute to a wide range of advanced medical solutions, including genetic sequencing, blood separators, X-ray machines, pacemakers, cardiac monitors, neuromodulation devices, surgical tools, drug testing, and orthopedic joint replacement systems.
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